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For fuck’s sake, CNN.

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For fuck’s sake, CNN.

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Black Friday-The Collapse of the American Shopping Mall | Seph Lawless | Via

When they were built in the 1970s these two gleaming Ohio malls were symbols of the boom years in the U.S., and their wide walkways were filled with shoppers. 

Now the verdant foliage that decorated them has died off and the fountains inside are dry as store after store deserted the out-of-town malls. 

The demise of the Rolling Acres and and Randall Park Mall have been documented by photographer Seph Lawless, who remembers visiting them when he was a child and even had his first job at one of the them.

i have a fetish for deserted shopping malls.

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my chinese students really love english profanity because they dont get in trouble for it

i try to just ignore it so they don’t get a reaction and keep using it

but today during a creative writing exercise, a character was arguing with a dragon, and the kids needed to decide what the character would yell

this one kid raises his hand and calmly submits his suggestion of “f*ck you, you foolish dragon motherf*cker”

i dont know its just 

its difficult not to react to that

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"You deserve Steve Buscemi. So I left."
Six Word Story #30 (via vanwyngardenfresh)

That’s seven words.

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Can we please just all take a moment and think about how snails are the cUTEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. HOLY SHIT.

march of the noot noots

I had pet snails for five years and I love them to dEATH

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